Temple visit Booking:

Due to the on-going pandemic situation, Temple established appointment system to visit the temple so that Temple management can ensure crowd control at all times.
While many devotees honored appointment time and instructions, there were cases of no-show. We understand there might have been unforeseen circumstances for not honoring the appointment, however due to the limited slots this takes away darshan opportunity from other Devotees.
Based on suggestion received from some of the devotees, Temple has decided to institute following token system effective from Jan 12 2021*:

  • $5 darshan token will be collected from every devotee family for their visit at the time of scheduling the appointment. This token amount will be refunded at the Temple during their visit. Please call the temple 4 hours prior to the appointment for any cancellation to get full refund.
  • *Note: This is not part of our temple policy. It has just been introduced temporarily for the convenience of devotees.

    Select a Date and pick a slot from the list below. Max of 15 people per slot allowed.

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