The temple has also involved itself in fulfilling its social responsibility in the following ways -

a. D.C Kitchen seva – Feeding the hungry/people from the economically weaker sections. The temple has been involved in this noble service for the past 8 years

b. The temple has also been involved in the education of poor children (here and in India) in their own small way by conducting classes and by providing financial assistance.

c. The temple has been hosting activities for special needs kids (sports, display of their talent, art workshops, etc) at its premises over the past few years.

d. The temple is sensitive towards the environment – planting more trees thereby increasing the green cover around the temple, reducing their carbon footprint, reducing plastic and other waste. They plan to create a bio-fuel plant using the organic waste in the near future.

e. The temple also plans to become energy independent by installing energy efficient solar panels and also create excess energy to be fed into the grid.