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SBA Temple: SAT preparation sessions

SAT preparation sessions are offered at SBA Temple during the school year for students who will be entering 10th or 11th grade. Use the following link to register your child. Please do not submit duplicate registrations and provide ALL mandatory information requested.

  1. Sessions are held only during the school year and divided into 2 semesters.
    1. Semester 1 will be from September - December/early-January
    2. Semester 2 will be from mid-January - end of May
    3. Specific dates will be determined in August and December for the respective semesters.
    4. Currently, classes are held only on Sundays. Class timings are from 9a - 11a and 11a - 1p.
  2. All registrants are added to the waiting list only.
  3. Each class is limited to a maximum of 25 students.
  4. It is our intention to assign slots based on enrollment date and grade level. However, on occasion, students entering 11th grade will be given preference due to their immediate need.
  5. We are unable to guarantee when a slot might become available as there may be several returning students from a prior year or semester.
  6. Those who register for Semester 1 will automatically be enrolled for Semester 2 UNLESS you or your child opts out.
  7. Slot assignment will be done only prior to beginning of each semester.
  8. When a slot becomes available, notification will be sent via email and a response within 7 days is required. Otherwise, slot will be assigned to the next person on the list. Most of us have access to email even when we are in vacation. As such, we are unable to hold your assignment if there is no response by the stated due date.
  9. A non-refundable $350 fee PER SEMESTER will be charged for participation in these sessions. Due to the high cost of using CREDIT CARD and PAYPAL transactions (3.5% of transaction amount), we will only accept CHECKS and it can be made payable to SBA Temple and designated for Education Services. The check should be given to the instructor on the first day of class.
  10. Instructor will advise of any book(s) to be purchased.