Nadaswaram (Managala Vadyam)

Nadaswaram is part of the family of instruments known as 'Mangala Vadya' and is considered to be very auspicious. Our Temple offers professional Nadaswaram services for all religious / cultural events both with the Temple and outside.

Associated Charges:

  • In temple service 1hr - $501
  • Base Rate (within 70 mile radius from the Temple) - $1200.00 for 4 hours (includes Travel time, if any) & Additional Hours - $200.00/Hour
  • Base Rate (long distance) - $2500.00 / Per day
  • Base Rate (long distance - Flight Travel) - $3000.00/day
  • Travel and Lodging is Devotee / Organizers responsibility
  • Note:Check should be drawn in favor of "SBA Temple. Memo "Nadaswaram" All donations towards Base Rate are eligible for Tax Deductions. Please contact the temple manager at (301)-576-3277 or email for more info.

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