SBAT since inception has been following the procedures as mentioned in the sastras.

The temple is an amalgamation of different schools (Advaita, Visishta Advaita and Dwaita) of beliefs and celebrates all the important poojas and special festivals per the Sanatana Dharma calendar thereby bringing everyone together under one roof. The Poojas Vidhis are performing by strictly adhering to the strictures laid down in our scriptures.

The Temple’s activities have been with a focus on community/society at large. The poojas are performed with the sole intention of World Peace and Welfare of all living beings.

Goshala Renovation


As you are aware, our temple has started Goshala with 2 cows 7 years back.  The Goshala has grown now with 20 cows.  Three calves are expected in the next 5 months or so.  The temple has shelter for around 6 cows and with the increase in number of cows, the temple is facing challenges to accommodate these cows in the existing shelter.  The temple needs to build shelter for all the cows to protect them from the extreme weather.  The estimate to build new shelter is around $56000.  The temple has lot of land, but require funding to build shelter to accommodate these cows.  We request your kind help in temple meeting its objective of building the Goshala shelter.


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