Jai Sri Ram

Hanumad Vijayam

Sri Anjaneya crossed the ocean TWICE to bring the Sanjeevini herb during the Sri Rama-Ravana Yuddha to save the life of Sri Lakshmana. It is because of this, HE is called Pranadaata. That very Anjaneya, for the sake of his devotees, crossed the Atlantic Ocean once in 2015 and is being worshipped and gracing devotees at our temple. Sri Anjaneya has decided to do it again, in a 36 Ft Vishwaroopa form, which is the first in the US, to bless us all.

With the blessings of the Divine Dampati Sri. Seetharama, a 30ftx50ft single granite block has been identified at Cheyyar, a village near Kanchipuram. It needs to be unearthed, moved to the Shilpa Kalalaya where about 100 shilpis need to work on it for 6 months to sculpt out the 36 ft. Viswaroopa Bhaktha Anjaneya, carefully ship HIM in a special container with necessary insurance to reach the temple in Ijamsville, MD. The total cost of this project is estimated at $ 1.2 Million.

The temple would like to request 500 generous minded donors to donate $2500 towards this noble and divine cause. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Lord himself likes multiple devotees to be part of this endeavor rather than any single individual funding the whole cause. Whatever we offer unto HIM is returned by HIM in multi-fold in the form of not only overall prosperity but Vibrant Health, Courage, Fearlessness, Name, Fame, Great Attitude, etc.

Giving and Serving to the community and needy develops Vairagya in a person and helps them to evolve faster towards the goal of this Human Birth - which is Realization. To help in this endeavor the temple has also introduced a Hundi - "Dollar a Day" program to encourage the participation of our children (The Torch bearers of the Future generation) and imbibe in them the habit of giving towards such noble causes and be associated with our samskurthi by preserving our temples and conserving the core values to be passed on to the next generation. The Hundis are available with the office to be picked up during temple hours.

The reason for getting this Grand idol of Hanuman first is to situate HIM at the future temple site and thereafter build the temple around HIM thus reducing the difficulty of Here are some pictures of the Granite block that has been identified and some pictures of a similar block being transported. Let us all come together to bring HIM to our Capital region in HIS Grandeur Vishwaroopa form.

Broucher SBAT Phase II


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