Jai Sri Ram

Phase II SBA Temple-Grandeur : A 36-foot Anjaneya vigraha. Tallest in the USA!!!

You and your family have helped the temple grow in many ways since we purchased the property in October 2010 and we thank you for that! With your dedicated and continued support we were able to operate in the most difficult times, provide a Goshala for 15+ cows, and offer many temple services to the community.

The SBA temple has decided to resume the Phase II project in full swing. With your support we will make this grand dream a reality.

What is Phase II Temple?

It is a 51,000 square foot temple which will serve the growing Indian community and a Sanctum Sanctorum for our beloved 36-foot Anjaneya as the highlight.

What is inside the 51,000 square foot building?

  • 18,000 square foot main prayer hall
  • Sanctum Sanctorum for our Anjaneya statue
  • Shrines for Navagraha, Sri Rama, Shiva Parivar and Vishnu Parivar
  • 10 classrooms for various community activities and workshops
  • Dining Hall four times larger than the current one with a contemporary kitchen three times the size of the current Kkitchen
  • A large technologically-advanced auditorium with pre-function space, separate green rooms and a custom designed stage for the community functions
  • Yagnashala for special religious ceremonies designed for the convenience of families and groups
  • How far along is the temple in the process?

  • Frederick County approved the site plan following a public hearing process.
  • The Temple has already invested $2.8 million in the planning phase which includes groundwork for storm water management, specially engineered advanced septic system, a large underground water tank for the fire protection systems and addition of a separate traffic lane on Fingerboard Road to access the temple.
  • A single granite stone for the Anjaneya idol located and reserved under the temple’s name for this project back in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • A team of specialty consultants started working on the project 6 months prior to the pandemic and have resumed working to complete the construction documents at which time they will apply for a building permit. This vision can be realized only with the generous support and help of thousands of bhaktas, like you. SBA Temple has experienced how a pandemic can inhibit temple’s the goal to serve the community. To ensure that the temple thrives in both good and bad times we do not wish to burden our future generations with loans. We strongly believe that Phase II must be completed relyiant on contributions from devotees, such as yourself
  • How can you help?

  • Please make a pledge to donate $625 per square foot (for instance a donation of $15,000 represents 24 square feet). This estimate is based on our consultants’ analysis of development and construction costs.
  • 100% of your donations will go directly go towards the construction into via a separate capital account. All donations are made to a 501 (c)3 corporation allowing you to deduct the donation in accordance with IRS regulations
  • What is included in the $625 per square foot cost estimate?

  • Indian architecture construction costs
  • 36-foot idol transportation and installation
  • All MEP systems, AV and security systems
  • All expenses of Shilpis (temple craftsmen) coming from India
  • Structural steel and Concrete construction
  • All design costs
  • All county approval and permit fee costs
  • Every dollar counts. Your gift will move the needle. Your contribution will help make sure our future generations have a safe and culturally rooted temple to spend their time in.

    We kindly request your support for this great vision and that you join the ‘sena’ to bring Lord Anjaneya to Ijamsville, MD to facilitate Bhumi Pooja in 2022.

    How can you pay?

    Your donation can be made one time or on monthly basis for 36 months. All methods of payments are accepted.

    M&T Bank – Hindu All Pooja Center dba Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple Routing No: 052000113 & Account Number: 9857810726

    As you make your generous donations, please keep in mind the temple is planning a connection between Bhaktha Anjaneya and your family for many generations to come. Please visit the following link to view the 3D renderings of the Phase II temple.

    SBAT Phase II Presentation

    We welcome all questions and are happy to answer yours. Please email phase2questions@sbat.org. Thank you for your continued support and generosity! May Lord Anjaneya bless you, your family, and friends!