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In the recent past, the Temple has been receiving numerous requests to publish a rate chart for various Pooja services being offered. Our Temple's motto has always been that the Devotee should only have the "WILL" to do the Dharmic activity and concern for the "BILL" should be the least. Due to this practice, many devotees have been developing guilt of short-paying for services. Based on increased demand, the Temple Management has decided to publish list of Suggested Donations for various Pooja Services offered.


Charges above is Temple charges only and does not include Priest sambavana (this is upto the Yajaman) Mileage - 2 way 0.60 cents per mile should be paid to the priest (This rate will be applied only up to 60 miles) More than 60 miles (one way) will be consider as long distances. For long distances extra $100 will be applied to all the above item

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