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During one's journey from mother's womb to the last breath of life towards God, Vedic rituals are to be performed at the appropriate time, for a particular life event, to achieve great punya in one's life time and for the next.

The present day time-starved busy life style does not allow many to preserve the teachings and Vedic rituals which are meant to be religiously followed to lead a peaceful, blissfully happy and prosperous life, facilitating a very content material life and to awaken and advance the soul towards spiritual upliftment.

Vedic rituals are being performed at the Temple daily with the prime goal of your peace, happiness & satisfaction in your life, for special days of your life & your time of emotional, physical & financial struggles.

You may e-mail the personal information required for this pooja: your Name, Gothram, Nakshatram. If you are not aware of this information, we can determine it if you provide your date of birth.

On the important day of your life, you are welcome to personally attend the ritual. If you cannot join us, the Center can include your name during daily rituals at the Center & mail the prasadam to you.

On appointment, the priest can perform the pooja at your preferred location. For providing your services & benefits, donation can be offered to the Center & dakshina to the Priest.

May God Bless you, your family & the entire humanity.


We perform all kinds of Parihara Pooja, all kinds of parayanam and japam, all kinds of Yantram, Mandalams.
We also do all poorva and apara karmas for different traditions like Aashwalayanam (Rig Vedam),Bodhayanam, Apasthamba (Yajur Vedam), Grahyanama (Sama Vedam)